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Novice Wood-Ruiner Studies the Door Build

Figure 1:  A Door in the clamps (Big iron Besse ones!)

So … the doors are going together – but I’m doing the bottom ones first (using the birch panel inserts instead of the glass inserts that will go into the top cabinet panels).  Before I could get to the glue-up shown in figure 1, I ran the frame parts over the table saw (to cut them to length and to put the panel dado grooves into the edges of them), and then I ran the frame parts over the router (to put the biscuit mortises (grooves) into the ends of them.  I had previously used the router to put an ogee style inner profile on all of the frame parts.

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The Glass-case Wall Project

Figure 1: The big iron Besse clamps are indispensable it seems to me

This page starts the next project, which is the build-out of the north dining room wall with glass-case (and other) cabinetry.  The purpose of the cases is to display a significant collection of antique Tiffin glass (circa 1870 – 1925).  It’s quite beautiful, so needs cabinetry to match.  This may be a tall order for a novice woodruiner, but I’m gonna give it a fly.

Note in figure 1 the huge Besse clamps.  One thing I did pick up from the local woodworker’s gathering spot – and that’s the importance of the clamps.  My first shell glue-up has proven that to me.

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The Journey Begins

Figure 1:  A cup for potpourri

Another Blog?   Nearly all of my wordpress sites are hobby sites.  At one time I had everything rolled into one cup of potpourri, which turned out to be a mistake for several reasons.  It was too big, naturally, and tended to shorten viewer’s interest by being mostly not about what they’d come to see.  So, now I have a bunch of WP sites, none are very big, but each has what its blog title says it should have.  It seems to be the prudent approach to me.

Still, it’s a bit easy to get lost amongst the blogs.  I have a “Recent Posts” connection to every other blog in the sidebars of all the blogs, so visitors can get back to the starting point if necessary.  Most of them have a home button near the top of the page.  I’ve tried to pick consistent themes throughout, but there are variances.  Welcome!

Woodworking is one of many things I’ve dabbled with in the past.  This is a restart of that old hobby, making me a reborn novice.  Thus, I’ve appropriately warned the visitor in the header graphic!

To be continued …