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The Closet Project

Figure 1:  The original closet was pretty boring and dark.

So, one of the first projects I used as a test vehicle for the newly built homemade router was the “closet project.”  You can see that the original closet was pretty plain and dark.  The carpet had seen better days, and was a dust magnet.  So, we designed into the new closet a new look with the new wood floor and the shelves and the hi/lo clothes rods (to hang more clothes).  The result is in figure 2:

Figure 2 : The “after” photo for the closet project.  Much less boring.

The middle picture seems caddywumpus, but that is mostly an optical illusion.  The new homemade router was used mostly to smooth some of the trim pieces, which had been rough-cut with a circular hand saw.  I had not yet received the Delta table saw, so the hand saw put some woodworking bloopers into a few places (not going to say what they are LOL).

Read more about the closet project …

Author: ronaldscheckelhoff


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